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Welcome to Paragon HR Consulting

At Paragon HR Consulting, we are a leading provider of Human Resources Management solutions, offering a comprehensive range of services for your business needs. Our team of highly committed, outcome-focused professionals is passionate about implementing HR best practices and fostering a positive workplace culture. We take great pride in the work we do, and building trust and strong client relationships is our top priority.

Our HR services are designed to cater to organizations of all sizes and industries. Whether you require the expertise of an HR consulting firm to address sensitive matters, tackle workplace culture issues, or devise effective HR strategies, rest assured, we have you covered. Boasting over 20 years of experience, our founder and CEO, Danielle Stewart, has honed a unique skill set that empowers us to adeptly resolve even the most intricate human resources challenges.

How It Started

Paragon Consulting Group was founded in 2007 by Danielle Stewart, who recognized the need for effective HR support in the local business community. Despite starting with limited resources as a single mother, Danielle provided tailored HR support packages and personally managed all client needs. As the value of Paragon’s services became evident, the company grew, and today, our team of ten incredible staff members serves more than forty clients across Central Pennsylvania and beyond.

Danielle Stewart President + CEO

Danielle Stewart has been providing a vast array of human resource solutions to organizations of all sizes and across multiple industries and geographic locations since founding Paragon Consulting Group over 16 years ago. Her experience in this multi-dimensional capacity has given her a unique expertise that provides Paragon clients with a highly valuable and effective perspective in resolving their human resources challenges.

Danielle’s experience includes supporting highly sensitive matters such as death and violence in the workplace, successfully addressing workplace culture issues, developing HR strategy to resolve organizational challenges, policy development, and creating and facilitating mentorship programs for individuals looking to build their skills or transition into the field of HR. She is a strong advocate for building workplace cultures that lead to operational and financial success for her clients. Danielle has built successful Human Resources Departments from the ground up and is also an expert in renovating existing departments to maximize efficiency. She is passionate about effectuating positive change and seeing her clients thrive, especially as it relates to their Human Resources functions.

Danielle has over eighteen years of comprehensive human resources leadership experience and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Corporate Leadership at Alvernia University, an ACBSP-accredited program. She holds an MBA with a concentration in Human Resources from Alvernia University and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Towson University, in Baltimore, Maryland. Danielle is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and she is a professional member of both the Institute for Management Consultants and the Society for Human Resources Management.

Trust Paragon as your HR consulting firm partner to empower your organization and thrive in your Human Resources functions.

Meet The Team

Bradley Stewart

Bradley Stewart’s expertise in conflict resolution, crisis management, and employee relations is an incredible asset to both Paragon and the clients he serves. With a strong focus on non-profit, hospitality, and digital / IT agency HR management, Bradley provides Paragon clients with an expert approach to resolving highly sensitive and potentially litigious matters. Along with his capabilities in these areas, Bradley is proficient in recruitment, onboarding, benefits administration, and workplace investigation facilitation and management.
Bradley Stewart began working with Paragon as a part-time HR Consultant while pursuing a business degree at Alvernia University. He previously served as the Director of Human Resources at Berks Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, a nonprofit organization which serves the Deaf Community of Southeastern Pennsylvania. After three and a half years supporting BDHHS and the Deaf Community, Bradley launched his full time HR consulting career. He became the Director of Client Relations with Paragon in 2020 and later moved into the role of Chief Operating Officer.
Outside of the HR world, Bradley loves spending time with family and is the proud father of two toddlers, Crosby and Lola, who keep him on his toes. Bradley also works as a professional songwriter and has written countless musical compositions, including a nationally syndicated jingle and several EPs and albums. He has enjoyed opportunities to perform his songs internationally and in support of internationally recognized recording artists such as Three Dog Night and Dave Davies of The Kinks, among others. Bradley also has a deep interest in classic sports cars and maintains a small collection of vintage automobiles.

Larisa Jack

Larisa’s depth of experience, positive attitude, relationship-building skills and ability to deliver exceptional results are just a few key qualities that have made her an incredible part of Paragon. Larisa understands how important the client relationship is to our business and successfully integrates herself into each of the client organizations she serves. Larisa’s HR expertise is broad, and she has exceptional capabilities in the areas of employee relations, recruitment, payroll management, benefits administration, leave of absence administration and management, policy development, and general HR management.
Larisa received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Alvernia University and quickly started her HR career in Human Resources upon graduation. In 2011, Larisa took a step into the entrepreneurial world and opened her own vegan bakery while she was a stay-at-home mom for her two amazing little girls. In 2015, Larisa was ready to return to the world of HR and has since returned full-time. Larisa is a professional member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), an active volunteer within the Berks County community, and a cabinet member of the United Way of Berks County’s Emerging Leader United Group.

Rachel Winterstine

Rachel’s passion for people and supportive approach to the recruitment process is an incredible asset for the clients of Paragon. Her commitment to managing effective client recruitment programs combined with her unique ability to develop strong candidate relationships in this highly competitive market is tremendously valuable to the organizations she supports. Beyond recruitment, Rachel’s areas of expertise include onboarding, workplace investigation facilitation, HRIS support, benefits administration, and employee relations. In 2022, she earned the title of Director of Recruitment and expanded her supervisory responsibilities within Paragon.
Rachel holds an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Albright College. She enjoys spending time with her husband and three children, and loves working out, shopping, and going to the beach.

Pete Kalabisko

Pete’s thoughtful and consistent approach to meeting and exceeding his clients’ HR needs has made him an invaluable part of the Paragon team. Pete’s calm demeanor and attention to detail is a significant benefit when managing employee relations and ensuring critical HR responsibilities are effectively managed on a long-term basis. Pete’s areas of HR expertise include employee relations management, recruitment and onboarding, Worker’s Compensation, Unemployment, benefits administration, and the facilitation and management of leaves of absence.


Pete holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Studies from Penn State University. He is a major advocate for human rights and participated in a study abroad program and internship in Rwanda, working at a school supporting orphans of the Rwandan Genocide. Pete is happily married to his wife, Heidi, and has two incredible daughters, Hazel and Ruth. Pete has a love of all things outdoors, with mountain biking and hiking being two of his favorite activities. He maintains an impressive home garden and is also a collector of retro toys(from the 80’s), books, and has a huge rock & gem collection. Pete is a music snob with a significant vinyl collection and has traveled extensively in his past, visiting 14 countries in both Europe and Africa.

Jill Fitzgerald

With over two decades of experience serving her country in the United States Air Force, Jill has a wealth of expertise in supply chain management and logistics management. Jill graduated from AFSC (Air Force Specialty Code) Technical Training School in 2000 and was stationed in several locations around the world, including Texas, South Korea, Italy, South Dakota, and Delaware. She also traveled to numerous countries and states for training and personal travel.

Jill served her country with distinction and was deployed six times to active war zones, earning campaign medals for Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and the Global War on Terrorism. In addition, she earned several certifications and completed various leadership programs during her service, including ALS (Airman Leadership School) in 2003, NCOA (Non-Commissioned Officer Academy) in 2011, and studied Logistics Management at both CCAF (Community College of the Air Force) and AMU (American Military University). Jill was honorably discharged in 2019.


Jill’s transition from active duty to the reserves in 2008, which allowed her to pursue her passion for Human Resources. Jill was gradually introduced to HR while working as a Logistics Manager in Philadelphia and eventually started working primarily in recruiting. In addition to her work in HR, Jill also worked as a Certified Massage Therapist, specializing in sports therapy, until she became the office manager at Champion Personnel.


Jill brings her unique perspective and diverse skill set to her current role at Paragon, where she helps organizations navigate the complex world of HR. Jill’s experience in leadership, logistics, and recruiting, combined with her passion for helping others, makes Jill a valuable asset to any organization.

Mike Delong

Mike is an incredible team player that is an expert at developing strong client relationships that lead to operational success. He is bilingual in Spanish with a strong HR generalist background. Mike holds expertise in the areas of employee relations, recruitment and onboarding, benefits administration, medical leave management, Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment, HR Information Systems, and HR functions within manufacturing environments. Mike earned his Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education/Comprehensive Social Studies with a minor in Spanish at Kutztown. He spent approximately ten (10) years in the education field and thirteen (13) years in quality control within the manufacturing sector before moving into his Human Resources career.


Mike has been playing music since he was a teen, focusing his attention on guitar, mandolin, ukulele, and playing in various local bands. He enjoys playing music to a handful of listeners as much as he loves playing to 2000 concertgoers. He has shared the stage with various Grammy award winners and enjoys recording and writing in his free time. Mike spent his college years traveling to Mexico and learning the language and the culture. He has a deep appreciation for those experiences and enjoys practicing his Spanish and discussing the differences in dialects with native speakers. Mike also has a keen interest in reptiles and amphibians and has owned up to 17 different species of snakes at one time. He enjoys photographing native species within our area while hiking. Mike also enjoys hunting Native American arrowheads and spears and has a collection of ancient artifacts from around the world.

Megan Stuck

Always prepared to support a critical project need or ongoing client deliverables, Megan’s positive approach and can-do attitude provide Paragon clients with an unparalleled level of customer service with their administrative HR support needs. Megan’s areas of expertise include recruitment, onboarding, benefits administration, payroll, HRIS processing and management, special projects, and employee relations.

Megan’s previous work experience is in the nonprofit and healthcare industries, and she highly values the confidence and independence she has gained through working for Paragon in the consulting industry. She graduated from Penn State University with a BS in Health Policy and Administration, a minor in Labor and Employment Relations, and a Smeal College of Business Certificate. Megan was a Research Assistant for a professor during her time at Penn State and also a member of the Penn State Blue Band Silks during all 4 years at the Main Campus, University Park. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with friends and family as well as reading.

Emily Good

Emily Good is a dynamic professional with a proven track record in leadership, team collaboration, and community relations. Emily brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role with Paragon HR Consulting. Emily is known for her exceptional talent in recruiting, motivating, and leading diverse teams effectively. She has a hands-on and versatile leadership style, consistently demonstrating her ability to build cooperative and highly productive teams that work cohesively toward common goals and
organizational objectives.


Emily is highly dedicated to facilitating positive workplace experiences and ensuring that our clients are supported and thriving. She is passionate about creating a workplace where individuals can grow and contribute their best. Emily holds a Bachelor’s Degree from York College of Pennsylvania and beyond her professional pursuits, Emily finds enjoyment in traveling, spending time with family and exploring hiking routes.

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